joi, 15 iulie 2010

The Beginning

The band took birth after 1 year since Colin left the band Shadowsong. All this year he looked for members for the band. First member of the band is the bass player Rares , he got into the band without knowing for sure . And soon after Kelly joined the band . We knew the drummer Codru for o long time but we didn't knew the he can really play drums and when our eyes were open we got him in the band. While hanging out in a bar Rares and Colin meet Serban and now he's the vocalist of the band. After our first gig Kelly got out of the band because some reason .Very soon Nistor (Eisenroth) ,lead guitar and vocals of Shadowsong got in the band (he did not quit Shadowsong). After few concerts Era Decay is now a two man project ,Colin and Serban are still recording the songs .

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